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Agro Consulting is a subsidiary of Alfa Consulting Company and a connecting link between Ukrainian agro-manufactures and companies-importers throughout the world.

Our advantages:

Saving your time and staff costs.

It’s known that looking for good supplier of some product may take the months of business trips, exhibition visiting, telephone calls, mailing and analyses. We will do that for you in the shortest time (1-2 weeks).
Ukraine is an agrarian country which has possibility to offer quality raw materials for affordable prices for the world market. Especially now, when exchange rate of Ukrainian currency is very attractive for importers which buy products from this country.

Product cost price and raw materials saving.

Warranty of product quality and safety.

We cooperate just with certified suppliers. Their production corresponds to EU standards and norms. They have all documentation confirming quality. Our priority is long term cooperation exclusively.
We enter into realization of even the most negligible demands whish are not so interesting for large agro-trades. We don’t overlook small farms which can offer the worthy products.

Satisfaction of the most exacting and demanding customers’ inquiries.

We fulfill your demand.

We search, analyze and prepare information according to your demand. If it doesn’t suit you for some reasons, we don’t require you anything. Our prices could be often more attractive than average ones which are set in monopolized hands.
Our company is registered in Lithuania. It simplifies doing business with foreign partners.

European registration.

We know native language, mentality and business culture in Ukraine.

Thus, we can offer you the most profitable business terms!

Our products


Minerals for Feed



Corn, Maize






Soybean Meal/Cake








and others according to your demands.

We can offer you exact prices of any product you need according to your request: 

Product, Features, Quantity, Delivery Terms, Packing etc.


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